25th October 2015

Why Gekko


We understand the investment needed when hiring staff, that investment is not only money it is time. What we do is offer 3 month's protection on your investment. We also ensure that we can save you time when looking to replace an unsuccessful candidate, we will waive our finders fee saving you further costs. This saves you the time and cost's involved, whilst trying to find another candidate.


There is nothing worse when using a company that you believe in, for that company to not be able to support when you need them . At Gekko we will ensure, you have your own personal point of contact. We also like to arrange face to face visits with our clients, to ensure you are 100% happy with your service. Rest assured we will be a pillar of support for your business.


Gekko Recruitment is built with key values that all of our team follow. Transparency is invaluable to us, we have no hidden fees. Our fees will be clearly communicated to you in the form of a quote. We value your commitment to using us and we will always be committed to your business needs and also ensure that your brand is protected throughout the hiring process.