14th July 2018

Undiscovered talent

We at Gekko Recruitment specialise in giving undiscovered talent a chance to build a new career. The following retail sectors employ over 2.8 Million people - Entertainment, fashion, food, general merchandise, health and beauty, home, and sport and leisure technology.

There is a shortage of skilled sales people across the UK and has been for sometime. So what do we mean when we say 'skilled' sales people.. we know from our own experience within sales that sales people have to have three main key 'traits' not skills, to become a great sales person. What traits are those - Well we call it C.P.R: Confidence, Personality and Resilience. Now we believe out of the 2.8 million retail advisers out there... Be them waitresses/waiters...or in the beauty industry etc there is Sales talent waiting to be given the chance, to show they have the traits to succeed in sales. The problem is most companies demand experience on a CV before even considering a candidate for an interview, of which we totally understand, no one wants to risk the costs involved with employing someone that falls at the first hurdle.... Although we have to ask ourselves a question... Didn't all great sales people start their careers with no experience whatsoever... Course they did.

What we do at Gekko is employ the greatest talent scouts out there... CUSTOMERS... What we ask is for those customers that have experienced exceptional service, to let us know with one of our Talent Shout forms, then we can do the rest and give that person the chance, to have their talent pointed in the right direction.

We are building a huge pool of Undiscovered Sales Talent, as well as a vast array of experienced sales candidates that have the key CPR traits embedded, waiting to add value to your business.